Encik Tan @ Compass One 

I am glad Encik Tan opened their branch at Compass One. Formally known as Compass Point. 

They offer even wider food range compared to waterway point in Punggol.

Not only the usual curry rice and noodles but also western food, claypot rice, fish soup and also fried carrot cakes, fried kway tiao and fried hokkien mee. 

Tried their fried kway tiao~ They did not disappoint us. We like it and you can see how big is their prawn. This plate cost $5.00 (smallest size) can’t remember how much they charge for bigger plate. 

Nice teh tarik too! We have another good place to visit. Will go back to try more of their food. 

And not to forget, even our muslim friends can enjoy these fantastic tasty food as they are halal certified! Cheers! 


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