Treasure chest event – tsum tsum

Clearing the missions.. Total of 5 cards in order to get the silver pin.. 

This is how the treasure box looks like.. If you dont have the special mermaid or king.. You will need to use 3 times the tsum skill to clear it. Else… One time will do with event tsum.. 

After clearing the treasure box coin capsule or ticket capsule will appear for you to catch it.. You will get (100-8000 coins) I am not sure 8000 is the max but that is the max I got.

It is abt sad that this is just a pin without special effects,power or skill after using it..

After complete all the 5cards.. You will get this. The difficult mission.. For me I do not think I an complete with out spending.. Because the last stage will need you to use mermaid related.. To get 5.5million score. (This is hard for me as my mermaid skill is only 2/6 not strong…) 
But nevertheless~enjoy playing!! 


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