Macdonalds salted egg chicken burger! 

Finally tried their salted egg chicken burger and their banana pie! 

They have a special bundle~ 

Salted egg chicken burger 

Curly fries

Small coke 

Banana pie for $9.10 

I added a double cheese burger that day. Because its our all time favourite! 

Alot of my friends told me that the salted egg chicken burger is not that tasty.. But after trying.. I think its taste ok for us. 

Maybe we have lesser expectations? Thats why it tastes ok? But nonetheless… I somehow know the reason. It is because.. Of cos compared to “liu sa bao” etc.. The salted egg flavour is not so creamy and thick here. So if you are the fan of flowing super thick creamy type, you might think this is bad. 

But for us this is something new, thats why we decided to give it a try 🙂 

Curly fries of cos the standard is there! We always love it plus the crab flavoured powder for shaker curly fries this is the 1st time we tried. Not bad actually.. 

I personally like the banana pie~ but do remember to eat it while its hot.. If you keep too long the pie will turn out to be not so crispy. I like the “caption” so cute! “Bo jio” 

Nice try Macdonalds! For creating localised burger flavours! Tumbs up for that! 


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