Tsum tsum 2nd anniversary cupcakes prizes

Below are the lists of prizes that you will get from completing the individual cupcakes.

Currently I only completed 6 cup cakes.. 

This event gaves you 3 skill cards.. For players who wanted to up their tsum tsum skill, it is extremely good news! And also~ a special anniversary pin for us to collect! Hurry! Don’t miss out the chances of getting these wonderful prizes~ 

Card 1 (Pluto Cupcake) – 10 Hearts
Card 2 (Chip & Dale Cupcake) – 5 Rubies
Card 3 (Sulley Cupcake) – Premium Box Ticket
Card 4 (Donald Cupcake) – Skill Ticket
Card 5 (Cheshire Cat Cupcake) – 15000 coins
Card 6 – Skill Ticket
Card 7 (Marie Cupcake) – Marie Tsum Tsum
Card 8 – Skill Ticket
Card 9 – 2nd Anniversary Pin


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