McDonals’s Angry Bird special 

Been seeing the new Angry birds items in Mcdonald and we finally get to try it! 

Angry Birds has arrived at McDonald’s®! Bite into irresistible Chicken McNuggets® and smoky new Jalapeño Chicken Nuggets in the Angry Birds Combo Box, along with the tasty, new Super Red Burger. Then top it off with the velvety Lemon Custard McFlurry® with Brownie Bites. Get your red-hot treats at McDonald’s® today! (Information taken from Mcdonald’s Singapore website)

The packaging are cute and wow! The burger is indeed special. In chili red colour! 

We are attracted by the egg in the burger especially.. 

And yup indeed its hot and spicy.. Especially the sauce. It was lips burning for us haha~ 

The angry birds nuggets doesn’t taste that special at all if you ask us.. I think the burger is more special~ super new for us especially the colour! Get ready your drinks before you start eating! Especially you are like us, not super big fan of spicy burgers. 

But it is a great experience to try! 


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