Tender Best @ Waterway Point 

This is the 1st time we try Tender Best at Waterway point and they have more choices in their menu here. 

We decided to try out their chili crab pasta and the baked meaty cheesy fries and kiwi oolong tea.

We need to order at the cashier and a number will be given to you. When it lights up, you can collect it at the collection counter. We are impressed with their fast service. 

Nice and hot cheese fries with egg with rich tomato taste. The fries is not crispy type but it is flavourful. 

Their chili crab pasta is hot and nice with alot of crab mear inside and also a small soft shell crab. We love the taste of this chili crab pasta and it is worth the price and not to forget the drink – kiwi oolong, something special for us too. Very refreshing.. 

We had a great dinner there. 


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