Ichiban Boshi @ Waterway Point 

This is our first time dining at Ichiban Boshi at waterway point. 

Previously we normally go to either Nex or causeway point. 

This resturant is quite small and you will expect to wait for quite awhile especially during diner time. They only have a few tables near the sushi belt. That is actually a very sad thing for us. We normally will want to just take those sushi we wanted to eat and will take more than we are at the tables because we do not need to ask the waitors to come and order from them. 

Getting the attention of the waitors here are extremely difficult too. So we decided to just order set meals and some of the sushi will do. Even you wanted to order more, the waitors are too busy to even notice you. I can say service is quite bad. 

Food wise.. We ordered their seasonal special – Sakura set. Not very fantastic. (Above is the set – its beef, rice and tempera veggie. Beef tastes very normal and bend but plus point it is tender. Not over cooked. And other than that not much of any sakura feel expect for the rice they sprinkle some pink flakes) The beef is not hot at all seems like it has been left at the table for awhile before served. 

Drinks wise.. We tried iced Oreo latte and Iced sour plum with peach. Iced Oreo latte not too fantastic.. They even put red beans inside with oreo. Its like they dont really goes well with each other, red beans is red beans, oreo is oreo.. Thats all. 

At least I can say the sour plum with peach drink is something refreshing and nice to drink. 

We also ordered some sashimi and unagi rice set. The rest of the food still not too bad. Like what we normally had at the other outlets. 


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