Genki sushi @ Waterway point 

This is not the first time we had Genki sushi. But the first time at waterway point. 

The experience is slightly different from Orchard Central and China town point. 

Firstly is the “bullet train” for sending your orders. They are using ipads too for orders but they fixed it at the table on top. 

And this resturant is quite small and the buttons for you to return the “bullet train” and the stopping area that day for my seats is not infront of us. I have to stretch all the way near the other customers at your extreme left to take it. 

As you can see from the photos above. My order screen is here and my food is way super extreme left. And the other customers at the left almost took our orders. 

Design and comfort wise and eating experience I can say although waterway point is new but it lose to Orchard Central and Chinatown point. Of cos some may say, I am there for food, I should not care too much about the ambience. But this affected our mood while we eat. And their lights in the resturant I personally think its too bright too glaring.. 

This is a place whereby I want to just eat and go. Dining experience quite bad. I will rather go orchard central or chinatown point for greater dining experience for the same price. We don’t mind to travel all the way there, even though Waterway point is much nearer to our house.

We ordered as usual, our favourite salmon range especially their fatty salmon. The price is so worth and the salmon is so fresh for the fatty salmon we had. And our all time favourite unagi. And also others maki, sushi and handroll. 

See this “white baby” on the left it is Sea eel. What we normally ordered the ones in the darker shade is actually River eel. We thought ok Sea eel might be tougher and maybe even darker? Since its at sea? But to our surprised.. This sea eel taste softer than normal eel. The taste is different from what we usually had. If you like eel you confirm have to try this out.

The bowl beside it is the small teriyaki chicken don. Not too bad but it is something we usually eat. Nothing much special. 


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