The Rosti Farm @ Waterway Point 

We love Rosti from Marche and we are excited to try this. 

We decided to order Swiss cheese chicken sausage double rosti $13.00 

We added on sides – Truffles parmesan curly fries + $6.00 

And we added a drink – chocolate banana regular $9.00 

Seats are very limited here. Always long queue. The portion is big, chocolatebanana drink is very rich and thick but I didnt see anyone order drinks except us but nevertheless we wanted to give it a try. I guess the price is too steep.

The drink is too thick, luckily they provide plain water. Thick rich but nice. 

Before I’m too carried away, lets say about the Rosti. Since they declare they are the Rosti house. So I assume thats their specialty.

Rosti topped with melted cheese on top. Very delicious, because without this melted cheese I think their rosti will be very blend. One thing We don’t quite like about the rosti is because it is not as crispy as what we expected to be. Not very favourful unlike Marche’s rosti, you can even eat it on its own, without adding any sauces. Not sure is it because that standard of rosti is their normal standard or is it because of long queue they are cooking in a rush.

We personally think that if the rosti can be cooked abit longer, it will be perfect. And there are some parts where we tasted pinch of salt and pepper. We guess the chef did not mix it well. Abit disappointing…

The chicken sausage is nice and the truffle curly fries are delicious too. If you like curly fries from Macdonald, you will like this. 

Overall I can say the price is abit too steep for a rosti. If you want to try so far I think what we ordered is most valued for money. Because if you ordered their “3 little pigs and beef bad wolf” for double rosti without any add on side it already cost you $27.00 

So if you are 1st time there and not sure if you like their rosti I think you should order single rosti 1st. If you like it then order more. 

Visit their webiste for their menu: 


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