Buddy Hoagies @ Waterway point 

We are at Waterway Point again haha~ this time we decided to try Buddy Hoagies. It’s beside the mall’s food court. 

We decided to try their fish and chips this evening. We upsize it for mushroom soup, garlic toast and iced lemon tea for only $4.50

We chose fries and onion rings for our 2 sides. When the fish and chips came. Wow! The portion is big as you can see. 

The dory fish is the soft type, you do not even need to use knife to cut it. Onion rings and french fries all taste well. 

The only thing we don’t quite like their mushroom soup but acceptable. 

We added on a cup of hot latte. Very nice~ 

Total for all these $19.90 (they do not charge service charge) which We think is awesome! The price is reasonable and alot of people dining in especially during dinner time. 

We will go there again to try out their other dishes~ 

They also have steak, spaghetti, baked rice and other western food. 


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