Yukai Resort at Wakayama

This is the hot spring resort we stay when we are at Wakayama.

They have high quality natural hot springs. Men and women separate hot spring and best of all you can choose your own Yukata ( with different colours and sizes)  Wearing our Yukata for dinner and also to Onsen.

We stayed in the traditional tatami room ( Japanese traditional style room ) They also have Western style room. We will be staying here tonight! And after dinner we need to rest at least 1hr before going for onsen!

Our room view~ How nice is it ya? To be able to see the sea from here.

We went for the buffet dinner. Big restaurant with wide range of food and of cos our favourite sushi~~ and of cos there are other Japanese food like udon, rice, miso soup, drinks and desserts.

Their lobby looks like this. one thing not so good is their free wifi is only at the lobby. So for those who wants to use free wifi. you have to go to the lobby to use it.

Overall good experience!



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