Sushi Restaurant Ganko Amagasaki

During my recent trip to Japan. We tried this Sushi Restaurant at Amagasaki.

They serves seasonal food carefully selected by the chefs.

We had their sabu sabu and sushi set. We totally love the set. Sushi soft and fresh, this is something that you can’t get in Singapore restaurant. Their meat sliced thinly for sabu sabu~ (Do take note, for Japanese they do not drink the soup after you used to boil your meat. Unlike Singapore or Asia Steamboat whereby you can drink the soup after that)

Other than sabu sabu and sushi, there are also salad, miso soup and also fried chicken cubes as seen in one of the drawers in the photo above. They presented their food so nicely and their set is healthy and well balanced meal.

They had a wide range of different food in their menu. But after having this set, we are too full to try other dishes. But it’s ok! We shall come back again next time.


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