The French Table – Waterway Point 

There are a lot of great restaurants in Waterway point. The French Table is one of the nice restaurant we went to.

We ordered mac and cheese $8+ , Salmon pasta $16+ and also calpis soda $5+

Our Mac and cheese came 1st. Very Hot and smelling great! Caution! REAL HOT and no joke about it. It is not just cream base but creamy wild mushroom base. We love mushrooms and this really impressed us. Along with the melted cheese, baked penne, chicken slices plus the creamy mushroom taste. This became our favourite mac and cheese so far! It’s a must to try.

Next came the Salmon creamy pasta with avocado. The grilled salmon added with the lemon juice, tastes so refreshing plus the herbs butter melted in the creamy pasta, making the pasta very delicious and it is definitely not to creamy or over.

Healthy dish!

and lastly we ended our meal with calpis soda with the tinge of mint from the mint leaves. It refreshes our taste buds once again.

They did not charge for the cold water we requested.

Over all very nice experience. Thanks to the manager, he gave us a special cozy couple seat, away from other tables. Really sweet of him. Do go early or else you might need to wait for awhile.

We also came across their limited offer. They have a limited 100 portions per day. It’s only $9.90 with drinks and a main course.

We didnt manage to try it as we went during dinner time.


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