Beauty in a pot – onekm mall 


Alot of fresh ingredients for you to add into your soup~ from fish to vegetables, prawn to mushrooms and different types of meat etc. A whole great variety of ingredients available~ 

The Beauty Collagen Broth ($20 per pot) or Yuan Yang pot ($25 per pot as shown above) is the ultimate broth everyone will love it. 

The broth is rich, naturally creamy and bursting with collagen goodness from quality shark’s cartilage. Nice taste! 

Spicy Nourishing Broth even uses chinese herbs like red dates, wolf berries, ginseng, dang gui and dang shen, complete with 3 levels of Szechuan chilli oil to create the Mala taste! 


Their sauce bar, comprising of many special sauces for customers to create their own individual blend of sauces to cater to each and every need. 

You can create your own customized sauces to suit your taste bud! 

Free flow broth for you to add. We simply love the soup!! The feel of having hot food in your stomach~ 

After the meal they will serve you yuzu ice. Complimentary~ you can ask for another servings if you like. 

The service is good and prompt over there. Having a good experience. We will for sure go again! 

11 Tanjong Katong Road
#02-21 OneKM,

Singapore 437157

Tel: 6702 2542

Operating Hours:

Sun – Thurs:

11am to 1am

Fri, Sat and eve of PH

11am to 3am 


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