Haagen Dazs @ Komtar JBCC

After our dinner we decided to have something sweet! and yes we decided to go for some Haagen Dazs ice-cream!

we decided to order the one with 8 different and with crispy waffles! See Sleepy! He can’t wait to try it too!!

The presentation is so nice! we have to take a pic before we start. Needless to say, their ice-cream is always nice. I can’t remember all the flavours but I remember there are mango, cookie and cream, vanilla, coffee, strawberry, the other 3 I can’t recall.

and also a cup of chamomile tea~ not as good as TWG’s though but acceptable. We need something hot. Ah piak is so curious about andything and everything. Dada~ Can I have the mini chocolate chips cookie? hahaa

And another thing to note. They do not provide ice water, so if you need water will ice-cream you need to get their mineral water. Or prepare before hand 🙂


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