Sakana @ Waterway Point 

We are at Waterway point that day. Looking for something new and special to eat and the desserts caught our eyes. We are craving for some Japanese food that day actually. Quite alot of people inside the restaurant while other japanese restaurant is having a long queue outside even during a weekday evening. So we are thinking, why not give it a try!

Along with us are our little babies, our latest new family members – Rio and Riko.

They are excited to try out these yummy looking dishes with us too!

Everything look so delicious isn’t it? We ordered unagi rice set comes with potatoes salad and salad sides. The unagi is tender and soft no bones and the sauce is just nice not too salty. We love the japanese fragrant rice too. Tumbs up for the rice set!

See the range of toast and desserts poster outside the resturant. That is the poster which attracts us. And indeed we ordered Mango Shibuya Toast.

It looks exactly like the one in the menu and poster. We initially still guessing if they will give as the mango as shown. And yes indeed! The mango is there! Yummy thick toast will mango ice-cream added with mango syrup and mango by the side.

This toast is up to our expectation and we love it!


Waterway Point East Wing, #01-25 (Punggol mrt station)


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