Nana’s Green Tea 

Having our dinner at Nana’s their rice sets are so super delicious and it comes with hot miso soup, salad, potatoes salad. The portions are big. Super healthy and yummy dinner. Eating without guilt or caring too much about calories. 

We ordered Teriyaki chicken rice set..

Beef rice set.. And also chicken cutlet rice set.

And we ordered some iced matcha and coffee..

And of cos they have special seasonal menu.. Sakura special~ so we decided to try their sakura dessert!

Everything looks so yummy right? What are your favourite dishes at nana’s? Or if you havent try it yet do give it a try!

In Japan this is a famous cafe… And of cos they offers greater food, drinks and desserts range. But at least the food standard here is as good as in Japan. We do not need to go all the way to Japan to enjoy great Japanese food!

We along with cheesecake, Rio and Riko enjoyed our yummy dinner!


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