Genki Sushi at Orchard Central

Have you tried Genki sushi yet? This is a place where they serve your orders in a more special way. When your order is here, a little train will come to you and when you had collected your orders the train will go back to the kitchen.

So interesting ya? and during then process, all orders will be via ipad, no need to call any waiters. This will be extra annoying when you need to order something and you are unable to find a waiter near you etc etc…

We can slowly decide what we want to order and control when the dishes to be served.

Free flow green tea with matcha green powder. we love the sushi here, so fresh so yummy!

Of cos you will expect a queue during peak orders but it is definitely worth the wait and experience. see piak piak he is so excited!

Always feeling relax when we are there. They have nice ordering system here to speed up the process and you and actually eat in peace? No one to technically disturb haha. If you order one dish at a time, it is also perfectly fine.

Our all time favourite will be unagi sushi and salmon sushi. This is the fried oysters, it was served hot. Yummy!

Store location:

181 Orchard Rd, #03-32 Central, 238896


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