Kungfu Panda 3 – City Square Mall JB 

The mall is holding kungfu panda 3  mini carnival at City Square Mall – JB 

Shoppers can have a chance to take a picture with their favourite animated characters board.   

They also selling kungfu panda’s merchandise (plushies and figurings available too other than the usual stationery sets) and also other dreameorks merchandise like “how to train your dragon” etc

Kids can have fun jumping around and also there is a huge Po display there. 


And of cos I like the little baby panda with the bun! So cute! 

Cheesecake requested that she wants his bun. It looks delicious haha!

About the movie, it is a funny show to watch and alot of teachings and sharing of thoughts in here. Other than hilarious jokes and actions. The values shared that we should be focusing on who we are, what we can do, what we good at rather than merely follow or trying to be like someone else and get lost in it.

Unleash your potential and you can be your own master too. In the panda village where Po return with his father to meet more pandas! Thats where the fun begins and Po help those pandas to unleash their strength and what they are good at  and finally with their help defeated Kai – the “bad cow” Even though those pandas do not know kungfu, but through teamwork and just do whatever they are good at. They are able to defeat Kai. 

It is definitely a great show for the whole family to watch. Entertaining movie to let you laugh out loud and just relax and enjoy the movie. 

Personally I am not sure why this movie has beem rated so highly in the rotten tomatoes. If we keep comparing kung fu panda 3 with kungfu panda 1 of cos Po will be just Po and us like ewww boring. But at least I feel that the part whereby Po was introduced to the other pandas in the panda village. That is when the fun begins and he eventually become a dragon warrior! 

Love the animations, effects and the theme song! 


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