Ji Ji Wanton Noodles Specialist

This store is located at Hong Lim Food Complex – level 2 #02-49

I am not sure if they are open everyday. But I know they are open on Sunday till 6:30pm 

If during the weekdays you do not have a chance to eat it. I recommend you to go on Sunday. Although there is a queue still, but its confirm shorter than those on weekdays.

Very popular stall. Why such a long queue? Because their noodles are tasty and with big portions and value for money. 

You can choose from $4/$5/$6

We ordered $4 curry chicken noodles and their famous wanton noodles 

You can see in the photo how much ingredients inisde my curry chicken noodles? 

3 meat joints, potatoes and alot of fried beancurds. Not super spicy curry. Very thick curry sauce and all the ingredients inside already soaked in the flavours of the curry. 

I had before chicken curry noodles whereby.. Chicken do not hav the curry taste and potatoes just tasted like boiled potatoes. That is not consider good curry chicken noodles compared to Ji Ji’s 


This is the $4 wanton noodles with mushrooms, fried wanton in the bowl and also some wantons in the soup given you in a seperate small bowl. 

Like the texture of the noodles. Vert nice! 


If you havent try it. Do give it a try! It’s definitely worth the trip down and the wait! 

Nearest mrt station will be Chinatown mrt. Passed by Chinatown point exit the mall near to KFC and there you will reach the hong lim food complex 


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