Menya Takeichi at Suntec 

Having a craving for some Ramen?

We recommend the popular Japanese ramen chain Menya Takeichi that has just recently opened at Suntec city eat at 7.

One of the best chicken paitan Ramen in japan right now.

If you like collagen rich thick Ramen broth then this is the place for you.   

There are 3 main types of tsukemen(Japanese noodles) shoyu, shio and spicy for you to choose from.


We love thick collagen chicken broths Ramen as it feels most authentic Japanese flavor to us however for those who prefer a more mellow and subtle flavor,the restaurant also provides soup to tone down the thick broth to cater to your personal liking.

The portion is large and you can even add 3.50 to upgrade to a set with comes with some rice.


The ambience gives you a traditional Japanese feel to it as the layout looks like a Japanese yatai(street stall) with the chicken right over the bar.

If you are craving some real Japanese Ramen then you cant go wrong with Menya Takeichi at Suntec city.




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