QQ Fresh Juice Ice Blend

Our favourite fresh fruit juice stall. When we go to chinatown point, we will sure drop by for a cup of fresh fruit juice each! 

It is located at hong lim food complex level 1. Very easy to spot, you sure wont miss it.

Price from $2 – $4 per cup depends on what you order! 

They have apple juice with yakult and also ABC – Apple, Beetroot and carrot juice. They have a great variety of fresh juices available.

When you order, they will blend it for you on the spot.   

Avocado Mango and Avocado chocolate blend – $3 per cup

There are alot of benefits for avocado. 

Fresh fruit juices are definitely better than can or soft drinks and they taste good!  


The seller will pass you a card. It is like a accumulative stamps card. When you collected till 10 stamps you can get a cup of fruit blend for free. So if you have the card, do remember to bring it with you when you visit the shop! 



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