Gardens by the Bay – Cherry Blossom 

Garden by the bay is having a cherry blossoms event from Fri, 11 Mar 2016 – Sun, 27 Mar 2016 at the flower dome.

We managed to go before this event ended.    

The event didn’t fail to impress as the sakura expo was quite well executed.With various kimono and garden motives around.The sakura was so well presented that you could actually get away with telling people you went to japan.


The event was filled with people taking photos.You might have to wait your turn to take a selfie since it was really full of people on the day we visited and it was a weekday.If you can’t make it to japan this spring to view the actual thing,the flower dome is a good substitute for it.


Not as breathtaking as those overseas where the whole park is full of cherry blossom, but is definitely a sight to behold.My only qualm with it was that there was no sakura floating around like in Japanese movies and anime.(i got my hopes
But aside from that the flowers were beautiful presented. But you can imagine, in Singapore we can get to see Cherry Blossom! How wonderful it is, without the need to travel to other country to see it.

Well worth the $12 admission compared to a $2000 flight ticket to japan. 


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