Tonkatsu ma maison @ Westgate

This is another restaurant that reminds me of my Japan trip.

Big serving and with reasonable price. Coleslaw, Miso Soup and Rice and be refilled. You can choose white rice or brown rice. Their white rice is Japanese white rice, different from our normal Thailand rice. Softer and the smell is nicer with the rice shaped like a pearl.

For those who doesn’t like pork they also serve  fried chicken cutlet as shown below.

There are different sauce for you to dip in and sesame Kewpie sauce for your coleslaw!

See sleepy cant wait to start eating!!   Everything is so fresh and yummy here!

The staffs here are friendly and we are lucky we got into the restaurant before dinner crowd. Both pork and chicken cutlets are juicy and with the fresh coleslaw you wont feel the guilt of eating fried food at all. It is the best combination plus the white fragrance rice and hot miso soup! Best combo!

This place is abit hidden in Westgate – If you have no idea where is this mall it is near Jurong East  MRT and beside another shopping mall Jems. The restaurant is near the Westgate children playground. Top level.

Do give it a try if you haven’t and I am sure you will like it!


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