Ladurée Les Merveilleuses – Laduree Makeup Haul

Seriously, this is the coolest makeup I ever seen. Their lovely designs will make you fall in love with them straight away.

Everything here looks so awesome. Their blusher, powders, even their brushes.

Especially created for women who enjoy being women,
and who value something that enchants them not reasonably but intrinsically.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée proposes “unexpected” beauty beyond the ordinary
concept of cosmetics to women who pursue new forms of beauty.


Sadly you only can get it in either Japan or in Hong Kong. So when you are planning to go to these 2 countries do look out for this brand. It is very popular in Japan.

Their face colour rose petals is very special. In a shape of rose petals. Use a brush lightly brush them and apply onto your face. Its a face powder.


This brand is not only special in its packaging but also the product itself. Every lady should own one of these.

Leaving you a natural feel when you are using their products.

The cosmetics collection will enchant women who are committed to making themselves sophisticated in an aesthetic manner and will give them great surprise and pleasure whenever they use it.

Les Merveilleuses Ladurée collection provides inspiring elegance across time. The collection offers infinite means to express yourself combining universal, absolute beauty that is full of vitality and elegance with your present self that symbolize the times.

Their Japan official website:


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