Chop Chop @ Waterway Point

Saw something new at Waterway point that day. Chop Chop fast food? So we decided to give it a try.

The name of the fast food is catchy. We managed to “chop” a table before ordering our food. Ordering is self-service at their self-help kiosk. Quite simple, its a touch screen,only thing if you make a wrong choice or decided to change your mind, you need to restart again. You can pay by cash or by cards. If you pay by cash just take the receipt and go to the collection counter and pass the cash to the staffs over there will do and wait for your number.

Yes indeed a very fast food. Their drink kiosk is at the side, before we manage to get our drinks. The food is ready for collection. Wow so fast.

We ordered their fried chicken tenders with chop chop sauce. I can say the sauce is indeed spicy. Looks so harmless but there is a kick there. So not advisable to children or those who dislike spicy stuffs.

But I can say their chop chop sauce is not bad, though abit spicy for me.

Nice eating experience. Nice atmosphere, clean and bright.

Saw their burgers and chicken wings, seems nice. We will go back again to try out other dishes.

Have you tried it yet? Do share with us your experienced there! And also what you feel about the new mall – Waterway point (Punggol)


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