Line Play Version 4

New outlook for Line Play version 4.

They had removed the display photo hearting system and introducing the new pet system and the VIP system to encourage players to login more often and also to spend more cash in Line Play to enjoy more discount.

I am a player who is playing Line Play since the start. Should be around 5 years.

They recently banned players who owns hearts above 500k and unbanned them. They ban for no reasons and I think they should serious reflect on what they have done. To retain their loyal players.

Initially I thought and looking forward to this new pet system. Ended up, nothing much and the pet not only stay in the room but it seldom appears. And if you do not come in 5 hours later or give your pet enough love. Your 25k gems will fly away just like that.

This pet system is not interactive at all. Its a great disappointment for me.


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