Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice mix

We are here at Bishan Junction 8 MacDonald to try out the latest Breaded Salmon Burger!

we are so excited about it. And while waiting for our burger to come, take a picture with Ronald MacDonald first. Saying about Ronald MacDonald,  do you realised that some countries Ronald MacDonald standing posture is slightly different? In Singapore, already 2 types. One sitting down another will be this.

Yeaaaa, our burger is finally here. Looks yummy isn’t it?

Cheesecake declared that the fries belongs to her haha! Owell, the star of the day is the salmon burger. So cheesecake, you can have it.

Ok, one more photo before we start…

It is a crunchy burger, full of flavours, but we feel that the taste of the paella spice mix is too strong. We cannot even taste the salmon. We are abit disappointed in a way. We expect more of the salmon taste. Anyway we are eating salmon burger, without the taste of salmon… we feel that we are not eating one.

Don’t expect too much if you are trying this. Or maybe we are unlucky to get the not so good patty. But I supposed they will have the standard for every single one. But of cause, the wholesome bun is nice, other than that quite normal if you tried Mos burger salmon burger before. Theirs is much better than Mac’s. Unless you are a paella spice lover and I am sure you gonna love it!

Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix (taken from MacDonald website)

Breaded salmon patty flanked by crisp salad mix, topped with a touch of McChicken sauce, and sandwiched between wholesome buns with multigrain topping.

Made with wild-caught salmon from Hokkaido, each delicious patty is made with a paella spice mix that includes salmon chunks, diced cheddar cheese and red and yellow bell peppers.

Allergen information: Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix contains fish, milk, egg, soybeans, wheat and gluten.

visit their website at:


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