TWG – Singapore MBS 

Visited TWG at Marina Bay Sands Mall that day to replenish our tea bags!!

TWG is our favourite tea. Never fail to cheer us up and we always feel so relax and refresh after drinking it.

Love their flower tea, black tea, green tea etc! Its indeed the finest tea!

If you drop by their outles.Be sure to try their tea ice-cream which are quite a treat.We especially recommend the earl grey fortune which is earl grey infused chocolate ice cream.For some the chocolate might be too overpowering but the endearing hint of earl grey taste is what make this special in our opinion.
It is definitely something to try.

We fancy ourselves as tea connoisseurs having tasted a variety of teas from various places and franchise. However TWG really is a cut above the rest. The distinct aroma of tea really gives you a soothing feel and their selection of teas ranging from teas flowers to timeless classics. The variety there is unparalleled and you can probably find any kind of tea to your liking. If you are feeling a little adventurous,we recommend their houte couture selection which will give your tastebuds a little treat.Even their teabags are placed in cotton satchels which brings a little class to regular tea bags.

They have special chocolates and macarons on display and the place gives you an authentic british type coffee shop.Quite posh.


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