River Side Ang Bao – Floating Platform 



Its that time of the year again.Lunar new year! During this festive season when most shopping malls and centres albeit a few are closed for the holidays it can be a bit difficult to find places to enjoy and relax for the holidays.

If you are looking for a place to take in the festivities and enjoy the new year vibe,we recommend visiting the River side Ang Bao at the float@Marina bay 20 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039805

Riverside Ang Bao is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year!!


Virtually unmissable in the city Hall centre.The float is located right opposite the Marina Square in the heart of City Hall.

With a small games carnival right at the esplanade entrance. Its a place for family of all ages as young kids can enjoy the carnival there with its various arcade games and mini carousel.


Pass the mini carnival you are treated to an exuberant display of Chinese artistry right by the floating platform with its year of the Journey the West theme celebrating the year of the monkey.

While at our time of visit it was full of tourists and locals all taking in the displays and taking pictures. We still throughly enjoyed walking in the crowds on the floating platform which is not always opened to the public. The artistry is quite a side to behold set up by various Latern Masters from china.


And what are festivals without food?Just a bit pass the displays are a food fair or pasar malam in our local tongue which serves up local delicacies coupled with some popular fair food. From packets of nasi lemak to takoyaki to churros.I reckon you wont go hungry over there with a decent selection at a reasonable price for town area.

If you are in the mood for some old fashioned shopping,pass the Helix bridge (which is an excellent vantage point to take pictures from by the way,as you are offered a good view of the floating platform ) leads to the Marina bay Sands in which their mall is opened all the way throughout the festive period.A little warning though that at MBS prices are a little up there and might put off people on a budget. However is a good place to take a break and if the hot weather puts you off..The air-conditioning there might help.


The River Ang Bao is free entry and with easy access from the MRT and ample parking (since surrounding malls are closed during the period) Its a good place to have a family day out admist the new year celebrations.Great for tourist who wanna have a feel for celebrations in Singapore and for locals who wanna have a family gathering.

It will be till 14th feb 2016 (sun)

For more information please visit their website at:



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