Heartland secrets

Sometimes the best food is not the most expensive neither is it in a posh place.
In Singapore there are a few places where you can get good cheap food at those super affordable prices.This is is one of those places.

imageLocated in the east side is ITE campus EAST @ 10 Simei Avenue 486047.The campus itself is hard to miss,situated nearby Singapore Expo and open to the public.
There are plenty of eateries inside the campus but we be focusing on the main “canteen” on the first floor named East delights.Open from 7am-7pm Mondays to Thursdays and 7am-1pm on weekends.

You be spoiled for variety here as they serve almost everything from Western Malay,Korean,Japanese and Chinese cuisine. I especially recommend the Western food located at the end.



As you can see from the pictures that.
The food presentation beguiles its humble stall.The fish and chips i had truimph even Manhattan fish market in both taste and presentation. Best of all you will not believe the price.$4.50 for ITE staff and students and $5 dollars for public.The pricing beats even most western food at most coffee shops which ranges from 7-10 dollars.


If you are feeling more asian..The korean food beside is just as good. Though the portion for the Korean food is not as large the Western stall.It leaves room for dessert and you have plenty of options as there is a fruits and desserts stand right beside the drinks stall.
They even sell sushi for those light bites.
All the stalls in East delights share one common thing. Exceptional price.

I personally guarantee you won’t spend more than $10 dollars on food no matter how big a eater you are.

To top all of that off,the ITE campus is free parking. So you wont be spending more than $10 dollars in total.A truly “budget” experience.
The cafeteria is fully air con so you get that “Fork and Spoon” feel to eating.
However do avoid 12pm to 2pm on weekdays because the students usually are out for lunch then.Unless you don’t mind queuing up.
Even during then the waiting time is not too bad. However if you like your lunches in a quiet atmosphere.. You should avoid that timing.

Consider dropping by there if you are within the area and want to have a cheap and easy access “late” lunch at a bargain.


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