Ip Man 3 @ Seletar mall Cinema 

So excited, we are watching a chinese movie together for the 1st time – Ip Man 3

Donnie Yen is back as Ip Man. Mike Tyson, the former famous boxer is starring in this movie too. This movie is what we are waiting for. We are so excited about it. Full house in the cinema even for weekdays afternoon.


(Image sourced from golden village Singapore website)

we bought nacho combo set and see, Sleepy loves it.

For us, this show is up to our expectation. Not a single boring moment, not too much of fighting actions or endless fighting.  I am especially touched when they film Ip Man accompany his wife all the way while she is having her cancer treatment and even learn how to dance so he can dance with his wife.

But also not to miss out the exciting Ip Man vs Mike Tyson. Like a east vs west. Interesting and exciting 3min fight. No winner or loser at the end but mutual respect given in both parties.

The other nice part was when they are fighting to see which is the authentic original Wing Chun kung fu.

Overall, we love this movie. Everything were perfect, fighting scenes, emotional scenes and this movie brings across a message of how important family are. Lets treasure every happy moment together! cheers!


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