Paparich @ Melaka 

Being seeing this resturant in Singapore. Didn’t have a chance to go in. Finally now… We get a chance to try paparich.

Wow the porridge looks nice! Sleepy can’t wait to dig in! Wait sleep!!! Let mama take a pic first haha~

Thanks Dada~ for holding Sleepy back for me. So I can take an overall photo! Hehee

Ok lets dig in~

Actually I’m impressed with the food. I always thought they serve normal food like laksa, nasi lemak etc..

We ordered curry mutton with naan, porridge with egg, dual layer ice milk tea, ice mocha.

Food was served hot. Not too spicy not too salty or oily at all. Taste just right for us! Naan bread is soft and even the mutton, super soft even if you have tooth ache you can eat the mutton.

Super fantastic mutton. And not forgetting the porridge. Smooth and silky porridge plus and egg in it. Perfect!

Actually we are quite full already. But can’t help it to order some desserts to try! Since we are at Malacca – famous for their Gula Melaka

And true enough. The desserts are nice. No regrets!

And also Mango sago!

Have you tired paparich yet? If yes please share with me your experience there~



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