Hardrock Cafe @ Melaka 

On the 1st evening, we decided to go to Hardrock Cafe. The resturant has nice ambiance and with great songs. Their live band will start at 10pm

Staffs there are friendly and we a mini party celebration over at the other end of the resturant.

The screen showing the music video of the songs and stage is infront. We didn’t wait till the live band though as we enter the resturant around 8pm.

We ordered


Every Hard Rock Roxtar’s™ favorite — twisted macaroni & a creamy cheese sauce served with garlic toast and choice of a side kick.



Grilled chicken and pineapple, tossed in our own Tangy Bar-B-Que sauce with melted Jack cheese, and stuffed in a chill-dusted tortilla. Served with fresh guacamole, freshly made pico de gallo and sour cream.

The serving is big and the food is served hot and nice. We are very pleased with our orders!

And this drink is simply power!

Banana berry colada~ if you have the chance you should try it too!


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