Macdonald – CNY special 

This is always my favourite time of the year whereby I get to eat my all time favourite twister fries and pineapple pie. But this time pineapple abit different. They added in nata de coco. 

Last special event was during last year SG50 celebration that we have a chance to have twister fries! 

Now our new favourite – pineapple McFlurry with cookie crumble. Something special though, some may think its too sweet. But I like especially the cookie crumbles inside. 

Tried the yuzu fizz but didn’t quite like it. Maybe that day the outlet didn’t do a good job. I can’t even taste any yuzu in it.


(Image sourced from

Didn’t quite right the prosperity burger because to me its too spicy. But the beef or chicken is very juicy and tender. 

They released a golden treasure chicken burger~ Haven’t try it yet though. 

Picture above taken from:


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