FIFA Ballon d’or 2015


(Image sourced from ESPN)

FIFA Ballon d’Or
 Lionel Messi

World Women’s Coach of the Year
Jill Ellis

FIFA Coach of the Year
 Luis Enrique

FIFA Puskas Award
Wendell Lira

FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year
Carli Lloyd

FIFA FIFPro XI 2015 Team Of The Year
Goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer

Defenders: Dani Alvez, Sergio Ramos, Thaigo Silva, Marcelo

Midfielders: Luka Modric, Iniesta, Paul Pogba

Forwards: Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi

The golden ball award.The highest accolade for a football player has been dominated these pass few years by our era two most gifted players that ever graced the football pitch. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and for the year 2015.Messi took the award for the fifth time.

The age old debate on who is better between these two greats in the footballing world is a never ending one. Ronaldo fans are surprised why Messi took it this year when Ronaldo outscored Messi for last season.While Messi fans  states that Messi won the treble with Barcelona that year hence why he won the award.The golden ball is an individual accolade so i myself believed that Ronaldo had a better chance of winning because he did outscored and “outperformed”Messi on an individual level.Soccer is of course a team sport so the Messi fan argument is not moot.

The golden ball is decided on a voting system. Media representatives and national coaches and captains casts their votes on who deserves that award most. So mostly its what they feel what is” performance ” to them and the consensus is that Messi “perfomed” better than Ronaldo. Everyone has their own opinion of what a complete footballer is including these people who actually decide who takes the Balloon d’Or.
(Image sourced from ESPN)

Deciding on who is better between the two greats of our time is a never-ending debate between fans. My personal opinion is that we enjoy the football bought by both players rather than comparing who is better between the two. Because in time they will be mentioned in the same breath as how we now mention Pele and Maradona.
The bests of their time.


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