Introducing our babies

Ah piak – sleepy aka da ge

Brownie – Duffy Bear

Cheessecake – mini shelliemay  aka mei mei 

Hi we are our parents cutie, precious babies! Nice to meet you! We are from Singapore! Our parents will bring us out to play~ you might be able to see us in most of the blog posts here! Weee!

We are happy together~

Im ah piak – sleepy. I’m with my mum for 15years. She loves me alot as you can see. And I love her very much too! I’m a white cat plushie. Don’t you think I’m super cute? My parents can’t resist my cuteness! Hehe

Hiya~ We are Brownie (Duffy) & Cheesecake (ShellieMay)! Mum bought us from Tokyo Japan! And we are now living with our parents in Singapore!

My mum loves plushie and has alot of plushies. If she has a chance she may introduce you some other special ones. But of course, we are our parents top favourites!

Do follow us in instagram. Our id is redzrene! See you there!


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